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Our Community

We don’t believe in transactional services. We consider our clients our partners and you are at the center of our work. When we sign a contract with a new partner, we become a part of their community and they become a part of ours. Our community consists of our partners, our internal team, and our Freelance Collective. Each of us are united under a common goal of establishing thriving, human centered communities with cultural character.

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The Freelance Collective

We are a passionate and tight-knit community of top-tier freelance associates and entrepreneurs with diverse skills that support our client-based work. Members of the Freelance Collective regularly receive customized project listings and can apply with a Seam Social Labs profile they only have to complete once. Benefits include early access to city-based RFPs, monthly community events, Annual Social Innovation sprints to build skills and community while solving real-world social problems, and a variety of deals and discounts on products ranging from conference spaces to laptops.

We continuously strive to foster a Freelance Collective of talented people who want to help us build an innovative marketplace that revitalizes local economies, downtown districts, and our communities by empowering the people who inhabit them. If you are a freelancer or a business-to-business entrepreneur who believes in social impact, consider applying.


Current Members

Member Benefits

  • Guaranteed gigs and projects each year focused on social impact

  • Democratic Representation as an independent worker
    or entrepreneur at Seam Social Labs meeting

  • Professional Development Sessions

  • Women’s Empowerment Workshops

  • Publicity through Seam Social Labs outlets

  • Connections to clients in need of services

  • Discounts on financial advising, conference room space,
    storage space, and office supplies