21st Century Economic Justice

Innovative solutions for urban economies.


Pre-certified B Corporation. Read more here.


Consulting Services

We provide consulting services to local business improvement districts and city/state agencies in order to come up with solutions to economic challenges such as: market growth, tourism, transportation, job growth, and creative place-making.

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Small Business Innovation Lab

Our commitment to supporting communities goes beyond consulting. We have a three year plan to launch small business innovation labs to support entrepreneurs + workforce development in targeted communities such as Lower East Side, East Harlem and the South Bronx of New York City.

Launching in 2020.


Commitment to economic development.

We work to see a world where human centered experiences, social equity, and community accountability is ingrained in every organization and met with analytical rigor and competency to support the sustainability of local economies.  



Founder's Statement

The time for change is now.

We are in the midst of a zeitgeist. The public and private sectors are seeking opportunities to support market-based solutions to global + local societal issues. As the economic market shifts in favor of social enterprises, we must also be cognizant of how this will impact local economies. 

There is not better time to consider how we can work together to expand opportunities for entrepreneurial ownership.  It is the mission of our Founding Partner, to stand in line with this shift and ensure this is not a trend.