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Long Island City Revitalization Kit


We are here for Long Island city.

Seam Social Labs works to further support your community initiatives by leading people-centered revitalization. We partner with business improvement districts, community boards, community development corporations, and local government because we believe in economic sustainability.

We believe our partners are the in-house experts within their community because they are dealing with urbanization, placed-based initiatives, wayfinding, and small business support on a daily basis. Our services include place based branding, marketing campaigns, and design research + placemaking projects. With that said, our approach is to provide our partners with the technical skills, unique methodology, and innovative thinking that you may not have the capacity or resources for.

In our minds, we are simply looking to create thriving communities, and envision the smart cities of tomorrow. To support your vision, we have assembled a toolkit of media and tipsheets to download and share with your community. We also have products available for purchase which come with free print versions of the tipsheets. Check them out!


Long Island City Revitalization Toolkit


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