We Are Recruiting: The Freelance Collective.

The Seam Social Labs community consists of our partners [read clients], our internal team [full and part time staff], and our Freelance Collective. Each of us are united under a common goal of establishing thriving, human centered communities with cultural character.

The Freelance Collective is a passionate and tight-knit community of top-tier freelance associates and entrepreneurs with diverse skills that support our client-based work. Members of the Freelance Collective regularly receive customized project listings and can apply with a Seam Social Labs profile they only have to complete once. Benefits include early access to city-based RFPs, monthly community events, Annual Social Innovation sprints to build skills and community while solving real-world social problems, and a variety of deals and discounts on products ranging from conference spaces to laptops.

For our first cohort, we are looking for the following types of freelancers:

  • Graphic Recorder

  • Sustainability Expert/ Advisor

  • Environmental Designer (wayfinding signage)

  • Copywriter

  • Website Designer

  • Photographer

  • Videographer

  • Graphic Designer

  • Community Engagement Specialist

Learn more by reviewing our slideshare below or attending our Open House on December 4th in Lower Manhattan.