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We are always learning. From reading case studies from think-tanks like The Urban Institute to engaging with users of The Point on Main Street Alliance Network, we stay in conversation with a community of downtown based changemakers to gain insights.

Occasionally, when we come across a big question that is relevant or recurring we do some investigation to develop a whitepaper on Oursights on the perspective. While insights are critical, we use in-person interviews, focus groups, and methods such as six design hats to understand broader perspectives on a subject matter.

OurSights: Silicon Harlem, Women in Tech, and Tech Equity.

A few weeks ago, we were a partner for Silicon Harlem’s 5th Annual Next Gen Conference. If you don’t know about Silicon Harlem —they are really dope! In short, Silicon Harlem provides tech expertise and infrastructure for communities.

In long, Silicon Harlem has established a growing tech ecosystem in Upper Manhattan and advocates for all citizens to participate in the digital economy. Their conference was nothing short of inspirational and we were thrilled to be an in-kind partner! Personally, I was geeked to sit on a panel discussing Innovation and Community with some key experts in the tech, education, and human rights fields.

With that, I wanted to share a quick snippet of my thoughts on women, tech, and equity.

  1. As a women-led and developed company (yes, we are currently all women) we believe women should be in more leadership positions in tech, and

  2. Let’s position women in these roles for equity AND to show younger women that it is possible.

Here is a little more on the conference and my thoughts: